In 2014, the Keyrus Group made a strategic investment in BIPB – a major provider of Big Data & Analytics services to the Investment Banking community with offices in London, New York, Paris, Dubai and Johannesburg. BIPB was at the time one of the first partners of QlikView globally and before diversifying its solution offering, the largest pure-play provider of QlikView services in the world.

The acquisition aimed at providing Keyrus with access to UK and US markets and gave BIPB’s clients a wider range of services. In 2016, BIPB UK launched its Rebrand to Keyrus UK to offer a truly global solution for our clients using the Keyrus network to add value to projects across the globe and across sectors.
New Constellation Research report: Tableau Advances the Era of Smart Analytics
With a greater variety of data and increased demand to use it, Tableau is not just out to democratize data, but to make complex analyses of it simpler—speeding up insight to action. Technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, and smart algorithms (all under the umbrella of smart analytics), are a great opportunity for the world of analytics to take the next big leap. Tableau is at the forefront of this new era pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to help more people than ever before see and understand data.

Constellation Research is a Silicon Valley-based technology research and advisory firm specializing in digital transformation and disruptive technologies. In this recent report, author Doug Henschen, VP and Principal Analyst, explores the evolution of self-service BI and the rise of smart analytics in the market, examining four key areas in which Tableau continues to invest: Data prep, data analysis and discovery, natural language interactions, and predictive analytics.
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